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Oooh, oooh, since all the cools kids are doing it, I will give you a list of all my default apps. And maybe some other stuff too - like opinions on the length of podcasts, music discovery, and where voice memos go to die.

When I was small, I liked to make my Halloween costumes. Then there was a stretch of years I made them for the boys. And since then, pretty much nothing. To my mind, it’s a kid’s holiday. Why should adults tread all over it? Anyway, Happy Halloween, no matter how old you are.

Getting our picnic ready for tonight - Wynton Marsalis “All Rise” at the Hollywood Bowl. Last concert of the season - really looking forward to it.

ARGH. Just realized that Clickup’s timeline view, which I have been enjoying so much, was in a kind of “trial” state and isn’t available at the $5/mo level. Have to spend $12/mo. I don’t know if I’m angrier at Clickup for leading me on or myself for not noticing it.

I’m into the discovering-the-quirks phase of starting to use ClickUp, but I haven’t run into any dealbreakers yet, which is heartening. And I’m still really liking being able to view my projects as timelines and boards as well as plain old lists. So far so good, ClickUp!

I’ve used Todoist for forever, but it’s just not working for me any more - I can’t visualise the big picture with just lists. So I’ve spent the last week looking through project management apps, which are all team-focused these days, of course, which is frustrating for a solo act like myself. Trello is, uh, beastly, and to get the functionality I want, is more expensive than I want. I gave Hive a thorough test run this week, as it looked quite promising, but quickly discovered structures/procedures there that just won’t work for me.

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